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SEO Copywriting in a nutshell

WikiSEO has a team of highly skilled SEO copywriters to ensure that your content is SEO friendly, to ensure maximum exposure and internet reach.

Copywriting is a crucial aspect to ensure that your website features on respective keywords and reads comfortably to your potential clients.

As part of our SEO packages we assist business in restructering their website content to be more SEO friendly. 

SEO Copywriting

WikiSEO - The leaders in SEO copywriting in South Africa. 

10 Tips to SEO Copywriting :

  1. Content length does count
  2. Speak your users language
  3. Focus on the long-tail
  4. Optimize your titles
  5. Work on your descriptions
  6. Take advantage of Google Authorship
  7. Promote your work
  8. Keep your content fresh
  9. Beautify your text
  10. Improve your quality