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South Africa SEO

SEO companies in South Africa

Did you know? 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

One of the Leading SEO Companies in South Africa 

seo WikiSEO is a South African based in SEO firm which provides high end, top quality SEO and online marketing services to companies in South Africa who need to surpass their competition in their unique industries. We have a proven track record of providing our clients with quality, relevant traffic which has increased sales and conversions by almost 200%.

seoAs the competiton on the internet heats up,we at WikiSEO keeps track of all algorithm changes ensuring that our clients keep their SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) rankings.

seoSEO has an amazing return on investment (ROI) as well.After years of studies it has been revealed that  "SEO leads have a 14.6 percent close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) has only a close rate of 1.7 percent. 


seoGoogle’s First Page ranking results is the only place worth being these days. If you don’t rank on a search engines on at least the first page you have maybe a 1-5 percent chance of being found on the internet.

seoIt’s now all about being found on the 1st page of Google and then having a converting website.


There is THE reason our firm ranks top for "SEO in South Africa"

SEO in South Africa

A strong ranking means more business leads period.But we dont just focus on your ranking.Be be categorized as one of the leading SEO companies in South Africa,we do a couple of things different.

  1. We focus on your keyword ranking,first of all
  2. We monitor your conversion rates analytics to see where there is room for improvement.
  3. We benchmark your business against your industry competitors.
  4. We advice and assist in building a credible brand for your business.

Our personal approach to SEO has ensured our clients get the results they pay for.

seoAsk yourself, do you trust the business that ranks number 1 more than number 10 on google?

SEO firms South Africa

Psychologically tested the answer is Yes.We tend to put more trust in a company with a higher SEO ranking.

Now lets view one of our clients SEO ranking competing on global scale:

SEO South Africa results

The proof is in the pudding like... featuring nr 2 in the world on organic search.

A happy ranking is the start to a happy client.

Why choose our SEO company?

seoWell,We take the most up to date and innovative search engine optimization and online marketing techniques and apply them to your business website.

seoPart of our approach is to do a thorough site, competition and keyword analysis with the most advanced SEO software in the world for our clients. 

seoWe even do a study of your industry to understand the SWOT ( Strenght,Weakness,Opportunity and Threat) of your business industry. By this we can strategically postion your business for maximum exposure and leads in your market.

seoOur SEO foundation is based on the very strict SEO best practises guidelines set out by the 3 major seatch engines (Google,Yahoo and Bing). This SEO approach is the key to our enormous success. 

We have been graded to be one of the best SEO companies in South Africa based on the history of our organic SEO results.

SEO companies in South Africa


SEO South Africa

SEO is a crucial part of today's business as most customers are moving to the internet to do business. Whether you are looking for professional SEO, Adwords pay per click management, social media marketing or web design, WikiSEO is here to help right now.

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SEO Facts that convinces :

Google says :

  • 97% of people search online before doing business locally. This means that 97% of the market is online. If you are not on the internet and do not have a strong ranking for your business, you are in other words invisible to 97% of the market!
  • 61% of South Africans Research Online and purchase offline.
  • Google market share in South Africa – 95%
  • 75% of users don’t scroll past the 1st page.
  • 85% of users click on the top 3 listings.
  • 59% of people click on the 1st link.
Convinced about our SEO skill? 

Google Search

Our SEO commitment

At WikiSEO of South Africa, we offer professional SEO programs especially for South Africa businesses who are looking towards the future and want to put their companies on the map. Our different SEO packages are perfect for South African companies who have an established website, or even no website at all.We have an inhouse web design department that can assist you with building a website. Our SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) are well suited for most industries and when they are combined with pay per click (PPC) programs and social media management, we are able to create a fully integrated online marketing solution for your South African business.


The main benefits you will receive when we implement a professional and strategic internet marketing campaign for your business are :

  • Drive traffic to your site through highly targeted, organic SEO.
  • Gain exposure to your targeted customers through custom researched keywords.
  • Build credibility and familiarity on the web.
  • Increase your lead generation and leverage sales.
  • Increase your business.

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