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WikiSEO has been providing Google SEO and Search Engine Optimization services since 2010. WikiSEO is one of the leading Google SEO firms specialising in organic search engine placement and Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC ) campaigns in Southern Africa.

Best of all we offer a turnkey solution now also offering social media management.

thumbnail.jpgOur comprehensive Google SEO Programs are cost-effective and powerful. WikiSEO offers exclusive organic search engine optimization packages with proven strategies that secure and maintain premium keyword positions in the organic search engine results pages of Google and every major search engine, including: Yahoo, MSN - Bing, AOL, Ask Jeeves and more.

thumbnail.jpgGoogle says 97% of people search online before doing business locally - If you do not have a web presence on the internet, your brand or service is invisible to potential clients. The biggest shortfall for any business in the digital age is operating without a website.

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Remember why your product or business ranking is important in the technology era :

Google says : 97% of people search online before doing business locally. This means that 97% of the market is online. If you are not online and do not have a strong ranking for your business, you are in other words invisible to 97% of the market!

  • 61% of South Africans Research Online and purchase offline.
  • South Africa Google market share – 95%
  • 75% of users don’t scroll past the 1st page.
  • 85% of users click on the top 3 listings.
  • 59% of people click on the 1st link.

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